6A/250VAC, 10A/125VAC ON OFF Illumination latching Anti Vandal Swtich YL16C-E11PCZ

Short Description:

Product name: Illumination Push Button Switch/ Anti-vandal switch

Material: Brass nickel plated / Stainless steel

LED color: Blue White Yellow Red Green Orange

Operation Type: Latching  type push it-on, push again  it-off Switch

Rating: 5A/250VAC LED

voltage: 12V or 3V, 5V, 24V, 110V, 220V

Contact Configuration: 1NO1NC

Head shape:  High  head

Hole size: 16mm

Product Detail

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Product Name Push button switch
Model YL16C-E11PCZ
Mounting Hole 16mm
Operation Type latching
Switch Combination 1NO1NC
Head Type Flat head
Terminal type Terminal
Enclosure Material Brass nickel
Delivery Days 3-7 days after payment received
Contact Resistance 50 mΩ max
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ Min
Dielectric Intensity 2000VAC
Operating Temperature -20°C ~+55°C
Wire Connector / Wire soldering Acceptable and with fast shipping
Accessories Nut, Rubber ,Waterproof O-ring


YL16C-E11PCZ (1)
YL16C-E11PCZ (2)

16 Parts (1) 16 Parts (2) 16 Parts (3)

product description

Discover the perfect blend of strength and sophistication with our Anti-Vandal Switch. Engineered to resist tampering and deliver exceptional performance, this switch is the ideal solution for security-conscious applications.

Built with a robust stainless steel body, the Anti-Vandal Switch can withstand vandalism attempts and harsh environmental conditions. Its momentary action guarantees reliable operation, and the optional LED illumination adds visibility and style.

Invest in the protection your equipment deserves. Choose the Anti-Vandal Switch for lasting security and aesthetics

Anti-Vandal Switch Product Application

Public Restrooms

Public restrooms can be vulnerable to vandalism. Our Anti-Vandal Switches are often used in restroom facilities to control lights, faucets, and hand dryers. Their durability and resistance to tampering help maintain these spaces in good condition.

Parking Lot Access

Parking lot access control systems rely on secure and reliable switches. Our Anti-Vandal Switches excel in this application, providing robust and tamper-resistant control over barriers, gates, and ticket dispensers.

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